The Mermaid Theater Rebrand

At Red Aware (a small London based design and print agency) I was responsible for all the print, graphic and digital design, translating and expanding upon briefs with the client, and developing aesthetics and following through into basic user experience and front end coding.

One of the largest projects I undertook was the complete rebrand of the Mermaid theater. This included logo and corporate brand design, signage, print materials and stationery.

Tektura Booklets

Tektura are a company that specialise in wall covering for different purposes, be it the ability to write on them, magnetic or large scale printed images.

Again while I was with Red Aware I was commissioned to design them several booklets that showcased and explained what each of these various coverings did, how to apply and samples to try. Quite a substantial amount of information needed to be showed in a clean and neat way. I achieved this by keeping it as simple as possible, designing custom icons and using a limited colour pallet.

LDG Gym Print Rebrand

LDG Gym, during a refit, wanted to change their target market to appeal more to women and children as well as men. For this I worked on a lot of their print material and came up with a new look and feel that helped to appeal to both the core gym goers and to help entice a new clientele. Through clean lines, block colour and bold text it retained its serious gym look and feel, while adding in some softer imagery and colours such as yellows and blues took off some of the hard edge to give it a more family friendly and approachable vibe as well.

West London Speech & Language Therapy Branding

This was a new group set up to provide language therapy services to children from birth. With no previous existing branding this was a from scratch job. As it was to appeal to parents and children it had to be playfull but also have that professional edge. I designed it to be clean and simple but with some softer touches such as the children characters to keep it friendly. Starting with the logo and branding, I then designed a variety of print material for them and also went on to do the website.