Digital Painting

With Painter and Photoshop and my beloved Wacom tablet at hand I love nothing more than to let my imagination run wild and draw what I see. Being a big fan of Art Nouveau and the fantasy landscapes of artists such as Roger Dean has great influence on my work and especially my digital paintings.

Vector Illustration

In somewhat contrast of style I also enjoy tinkering with Illustrator and creating vector pieces. I find being able to illustrate in this manner also helps much of my digital and graphic work. Allowing me to create custom icons, logos and even much larger additions to layouts and designs with ease in an infinitely scalable format.

Ink Painting

Away from the computer I do also like to paint, my medium of choice is ink. Most of these examples are illustrations of concepts (such as the 4 horsemen of the apocalypse), or books (in this case Paradise Lost by John Milton).

Pen and Pencil

When just trying to relax I find there are no better tools that a simple sketch book, a set of sharp pencils and some fine liners. I love to just doodle and see where it goes.